Why Should You Join?

ASDA is the largest student dental association that connects dental students with their peers and professionals in the dental field; supports our member’ personal and professional goals through leadership experiences; and advances the profession through our grassroots advocacy efforts.  ASDA enriches our members by providing:


  • Your membership increases the collective power of students to impact dental education and the profession.  Currently ASDA represents over 87% of all dental students in the United States.
  • Doors open for you to participate with dentists in shaping the future of the practice of dentistry, your chosen career.
  • Access to legislators to influence and educate them about dental care, delivery modes, licensure, and reimbursement policies.
  • Build relationships with industry partners and firms.


Financial Benefits

  • Members-only discounted services for things you really use like free disability and life insurance, discounted health insurance, and discounts on test preparation materials and books.
  • Education on debt management and consumer loans.

Learning Experiences Beyond the School Environment

  • Interactive experiences with seasoned dental professionals
  • Leadership skills you’ll need when you begin practice
  • Networking with peers and opportunity to share knowledge
  • Introduction to organized dentistry.


  • Membership makes you a recognized member of the dental profession.
  • No longer just a student, but a member of something much bigger.
  • You are a peer among leaders who will shape your profession
  • Awarded for your outstanding achievements and efforts.

Personal and Professional Enrichment

  • Volunteer opportunities to gain leadership experience.
  • Collegiality and fellowship – new and often lifetime friendships.

In The Know

  • Insider knowledge about events and issues that will impact you as a student and your practice when you graduate
  • Access to award-winning publications and our website, which serves as a portal to valuable dental resources.

The Chance To Make A Difference

  • Reaching stakeholders to influence public policy
  • Supporting dentistry’s public service programs to educate and deliver care.
  • Having a voice in the solutions to the access to care issue.

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