Local, District & National Leadership Opportunities

Local Leadership Opportunities

So what do all the ASDA leaders do? Below is a description of each position.

Each position is held for one year with Elect positions typically held by D1s and D2s. All leaders are expected to attend all bi-monthly meetings.

President: Responsible for the representation and overall management of their local ASDA chapters. Specific duties include:
*Planning and running bi-monthly chapter meetings

President-Elect: Assist in all duties appointed to them by the President with the intention to assume that position the following year. Specific duties include:
*Organizing UT’s annual ASDA Golf Tournament
*Delegate specific members to collect gift certificates for Golf Tournament raffle
*Solicit vendors to sponsor the Golf Tournament
*Collect vendor donations and work with Treasurer to ensure timely deposition

Lunch-and-Learn Coordinator: Typically the lunch and learn coordinator is a position held by someone who is eventually interested in running for President. Specific duties include:
*Coordinating with vendors who are interested in presenting to dental students
*Purchasing the lunches for the Lunch and Learns
*Keeping an updated calendar of Lunch and Learns and informing classes via email or class reps
*Assist in delivering fundraising letters
*Work with the treasurer to ensure timely deposition of vendor checks

Vendor Fair Chair: Responsible for planning UTCOD’s annual Vendor Fair. Specific duties include:
*Contacting vendors and encouraging involvement in the vendor fair
*Act as a liason between the vendors and our local chapter
*Collecting vendor donations
*Reserving the location of the vendor fair and arranging food and drink delivery
*Encourage all ASDA members to attend via email, website, or personal announcement
*Assist in the set up and break down on the vendor fair booths

Vendor Fair Chair-Elect: Assist in all duties appointed to them by the Vendor Fair Chair with the intention to assume that position the following year.

Community Service Coordinator: Serves to coordinate the service activities and fundraising events of the local chapter. Specific duties include:
*Organize monthly Target House Events
*Facilitate the Give Kids a Smile event at a local elementary school
*Assist in planning fundraising events for the ASDA International Mission Fund
*Keep members informed of local and international service opportunities via the website or email
*Encourage dental students to become involved in international service trips and provide resources to do so

Community Service Coordinator Elect: Assist in all duties appointed to them by the Community Service Coordinator with the intention to assume that position the following year.

Editor: Responsible for the production and distribution of the chapter newsletter. Specific duties include:
*Publish local newsletter at least two times per year
*Appoint a newsletter committee to complete article for local newsletter
*Submits pictures and article ideas to ASDA central office for national publications and to state and local dental society publications
*Solicits advertisements for local newsletter
*Sends a copy of each newsletter to the central office

Editor-Elect: Assist in all duties appointed to them by the Editor with the intention to assume that position the following year.

Legislative Liason: Serves to inform members of local, state, and national legislative news of interest to dental students and the profession. Specific duties include:
*Report all legislative news to members via newsletter or class representatives
*Coordinates and supervises letter writing campaigns as needed
*Responds to all urgent ASDA legislative alerts sent by the central office
*Reports local chapter legislative grassroots network (LGN) activities to the ASDA LGN Regional Coordinator
*Attend National Student Lobby Day
*Assist in organizing a local ADPAC Drive and State Lobby Day

Legislative Liason-Elect: Assist in all duties appointed to them by the Legislative Liason with the intention to assume that position the following year.

Secretary: The Secretary serves as an official record keeper for chapter business. Specific responsibilities include:
*Record minutes of all meetings
*Attends all bi-monthly meetings
*Assist the editor in the collection of newsletter articles
*Assists in planning ASDA events

Treasurer: Responsible for all finances of the local chapter. Specific duties include:
*Collection and timely deposition of membership dues
*Working with membership chair to confirm and accurate membership roster and dues payment
*Budget ASDA events
*Assist in the collection of donations from vendors
*Monitor the International Service Fund and assist in allocation of funds to students involved in international service projects
*Reimburse members participating in national events
*Provide monthly updates of ASDA’s financial status

Treasurer-Elect: Assist in all duties appointed to them by the Treasurer with the intention to assume that position the following year.

Membership Chair: Responsible for membership recruitment and acts as a liason between local and national ASDA membership office. Specific duties include:
*Recruit first year or non-members
*Oversees renewal of current members
*Submits an accurate member list to national ASDA
*May submit remittances to the ASDA central office
*Works closely with the chapter treasurer to ensure timely payment for membership remittances to the central office and the timely depositing of the members’ checks

Webmaster: Responsible for updating and maintaining the UTCOD ASDA website and email. Specific duties include:
*Updating the ASDA website calendar
*Transferring updated information from the national ASDA website to the local website
*Updating biographies of new leaders
*Monitoring the UTCOD ASDA gmail account and responding to or forwarding emails as it is appropriate

ASDA Class Representative: Two representatives from each class may be elected. Class Reps serve as a liason between the local leadership team and classmates, assists in membership recruitment and retention. Specific responsibilities include:
*Attend all bi-monthly meetings
*Educate members on ASDA and ADA benefits
*Recruits/renews classmates as members
*Informs class of upcoming ASDA events and assists in event registration


District Involvement

Positions at the district level include:

  1. District Trustee
  2. District Cabinet
  3. Chapter Focus Coordinators
  4. District Secretary
  5. District Legislative Chair
  6. District Newsletter Editor
  7. District Predental Chair
  8. District Community Outreach Coordinator
  9. District Webmaster & Social Media Coordinator
  10. Chapter Focus Coordinators

For further descriptions of these positions click here.


National Involvement

To view national position opportunities click here.